Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 4

Continued ...

Baby steps, baby. Again, inertia is a very strong force. I’ve said it before, but this is a very important step here: the best way to change is through baby steps. One small step at a time. Don’t try to bite off too much. How is this different from the above step, setting a small and achievable goal? It’s the same concept, but extended beyond the initial goal. It’s taking things one little goal at a time, a bit at a time. For example, let’s say you want to run a marathon, but currently your running regimen consists of running to the bathroom during commercial breaks while you’re watching Lost. So do you go out and start a marathon training plan? Nope. You start by walking 10 minutes a day. Then, when that becomes a habit and too easy, walk 15 minutes. Then 20, then 30. Then jog a minute, walk a couple minutes, jog a minute, and so on, for those 30 minutes. Then jog 90 seconds, and so on, until you’re running for 30 minutes. Do these steps a week or two at a time, so that all of a sudden, you’re running for 45 minutes every other day … and you barely noticed the progression. That’s the way you get to a goal … small progressions that are barely noticeable. Not by killing yourself the first day out.

Nobody's saying you have to be a saint today. Nobody's going to ask you to do everything right now. In fact, nobody may prompt you at all. You may not get an invitation, an opportunity today to do something obviously good, like for your church or for your family. And often we respond to those kinds of invitations out of obligation or responsibility. But what if we responded because we wanted to participate? What if you doing your specific kind of good nourished, empowered and enriched you? What if it gave you energy & purpose & drive? What if you couldn't get enough of the good that you were doing? What if it set an example? What if it became your legacy? Whew.

It could happen just by taking a baby step today.

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