Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 7

Continued ...

Just keep doing it, no matter what. You’ll encounter obstacles, and falter and fall. Just get up and keep going. You’ll face temptations and give in. That’s OK. Just keep going. You’ll make mistakes and get discouraged. No matter … just keep going. Learn from your mistakes, and … keep going. No matter what happens, keep going. If you’re taking baby steps, you’re holding yourself accountable, and you’re actually doing something, you’ll get there.

Perhaps this is something that we need to remind ourselves of everyday. Each day is fraught with total imperfection. The bills will come, the flu will invade, the washer will spew, the trash will smell, the gas tank will be on E, that person will irritate you, you will be tired, you will feel stressed and you will fall short. Se la vie. Such is life. But keep going. Keep trying. Keep listening. Keep growing. Keep developing. Use those moments of brilliance to cross the current of uncertainty.

In younger days, others would often ask when I was going to settle down, and I would always think to myself, "Why do we have to settle down? Why aren't we all settling up?" Maybe all those setbacks are really steps up, steps to a new level of living, a heightened call and blossomed existence.

Together, let's make this journey, this foundation, one that is onward & upward.

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