Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 1

As continued from Leo Babuata:

Given those strategies for beating the obstacles to making your desires become reality … how do we implement them? How do we go from theory to actual action steps? Easy. Seven simple steps, that you can do today. Really. Do them today.

Make a date. Right now. All the good intentions in the history of the universe mean nothing if you don’t actually get started. And the only way to get started is to take action, right now. Not tomorrow, not later today, not in an hour, not when you finish reading this article. Right now! Look at your calendar, and make an appointment to create your action plan, or to take the first action (”Go walking at 5:30 p.m. today in the park,” for example).

What's the first action you can take to make something good happen? Is it writing a letter? Making a phone call? Making a list? Meeting with someone? Researching an idea? Is it a quiet conversation with yourself? Whatever it is: make an appointment on your schedule to address this first step. This is just as important as an appointment with the doc or a meeting with your boss. Every story must have a beginning.

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