Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 6

Thankfully continued ...

Motivate yourself. We’ve already discussed accountability and commitment, which are ways to put positive pressure on yourself — a form of motivation. Those are great, but you also want other types of motivation. You want to find ways to make your progress feel great … either through rewards, or the positive way you feel about your progress, or the positive way you feel when others see how well you’re doing. Find a few different ways to motivate yourself — the more the better. Incorporate these into your plan. Tell people about them. Let them help push you along.

We've written here before about how good goodness feels, how refreshing & replenishing giving can be. In the last year, we know many people reading this blog have experienced the exhiliration of actively participating in something real, something big, something new and something good. Plus, there is great satisfaction knowing that you've done something that matters, really matters in the long run as a touchpoint in the life of another. Those good feelings, that zeal is a great motivator, isn't it? You feel enriched somehow, don't you? As if you're living in the flow, on the right road, in His light. I feel it in my face and in my skin, like each cell is glowing sunset pink. Those funny little commercials tell us that Red Bull gives us wings. Really? We know of a few alternatives to develop wings other than a tiny soda that tastes like liquid baby aspirin.

How would you describe the feeling of doing good?

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