Monday, February 11, 2008

A Kind Reminder

As Valentines Day approaches, don't forget to let your loved-ones know how you feel; a hug or a simple phone call can mean a lot.

We would also like to remind everyone that The Kyrie Foundation bracelets are going fast! Please refer to the previous post for pictures. Prices range from $15 each for the individual bracelets and $20 for the paired version. If you are located somewhere that will require the bracelets be mailed to you, please include $1 in addition to the cost of the bracelet to defray some of the postal expenses.

Thanks to all of those continuing to visit this blog, using with The Kyrie Foundation as your designated charity and as well.

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails." ~ Henry David Thoreau


Melissa said...

I can't get over the buzz about these bracelets...I am keeping busy filling orders and getting more bracelets made...AND I LOVE IT! I have been just so overwhelmed to find out that there are SO many of you out there that loved Kyrie and that want her legacy to live on...want this cure found as much as we do. It's just such a blessing. Thank you SO much for the support! If you need a specialized size, need two or three small bracelets to go with a Mommy and Me or Grandma and Me set, etc...just email me and let me know. We are more than happy to fulfill your needs. If you are in the area, I will do my best to deliver the bracelets to you! It's SO much fun getting to meet the Kyrie Foundation extended family members!

Again, thank you just doesn't seem like enough!

Big Love,

Alli said...

I love the bracelets!! I have ordered Two. Megan, i am curious to see how many get sold. Do you think you could post that info???
Much love and prayers for all the "Go Kyrie Go" supports it is so amazing how everyone can help do good in the make of a very special Angel!! Wishing everyone a very happy and warm Valentines day! just a tad early though.
much love and support always!!