Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 5

Continued ...

Hold thyself accountable. You’ve committed yourself publicly … but it’s not enough to tell people your goal. You have to make it clear that they must hold you accountable to reporting to them your progress. Then report your progress to them regularly. Daily is better than weekly. Reporting to them makes sure that you will think twice about being lazy and forgoing your action plan.

We'll go even further to say that it's not just others that hold you accountable, it's you and the Big Guy. You know what you have or haven't done. And He knows what you have or haven't done. End of story. What fritters away your time? What keeps you from putting time toward your purpose? What needs extra focus? What can you let go? What brings out the best in you? What matters? What will make a difference? What answers His call to you?

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